Make a Difference

The ‘Anatolia’ Initiative

Anatolia is the ancient name for Asia Minor and originally meant ‘sunrise’; literally, ‘a rising above the horizon’. We believe that by understanding the multiple layers of Anatolian culture, we will be able to make sense of our contemporary reality and current psycho-social dynamics. As researchers, we are convinced that the Anatolian spirit can be activated through data and insight, awakening us to new possibilities that may benefit society.

We believe that experiencing the Anatolian spirit will allow us to transcend our limitations and contribute to a collective state of tolerance, shared purpose and empathy.

Ongoing Social Projects

Kybele Myth Project: Identifying Anatolian goddesses in the psychological and behavioural patterns of Turkish women

The Innerlands: Collecting inner narratives of nature through active imagination

Ayas Project: Capturing the oral traditions of the Anatolian Sufi culture

The Unconscious of the House: Tracing the psyche in the outlines of the house

1stperiodstories: Women sharing stories of their first menstrual periods