Sever Impeks is an insight-driven, strategic research and consultancy firm.

We believe in the motivational power of true understanding.

Deeply human insights. Clear & actionable solutions.


We identify social and behavioural patterns that hold the seeds of creative innovation.


We help brands deepen their cultural intelligence to thrive as active players who are connected with the changing world.


We redefine brand frameworks in ways that are authentic, meaningful and efficient.


We shed light on the changing trajectories of culture and technology to strengthen brand singularity.


Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to make sense of what is emerging into awareness from the collective unconscious.

Our expertise lies in our ability to utilise various methods that are rooted in sociology, social psychology, psychodrama, Jungian psychology and semiotics. 


SINCE 1980

Dedicated to excellence.

Sever Impeks is an Istanbul based research consultancy firm that help brands grow through qualitative research & creativity.

From traditional research methods to cutting-edge digital solutions, we build tailor-made projects based on our clients’ needs in order to inform key business decisions through ideation, recruiting, interviewing, moderating, analysis and project management services.